The Wonders of Naruko Miyagi

When you hear of Naruko Miyagi, the first picture that your imagination should conjure up is one filled with mountains, a lake and hot springs. Hot springs are what make Naruko Miyagi a popular tourist destination and it is because of these hot springs or “onsen” that Naruko has earned a spot on the map of Japan.

Naruko Miyagi was officially a small town until it was merged with other towns to form the new city of Osaki. Osaki, which was established in 2006, is composed of Naruko, Iwadeyama, Matsuyama, Kashimadai, Sanbongi, Tajiri and the city of Furukawa.

For almost a thousand years, people from all over Japan have visited Naruko Miyagi for the wonderful healing powers of its hot springs. The little Hot Spring Villages of Naruko continue to enjoy visits from both local and international tourists.

If you are eyeing a visit to Naruko Miyagi, you have five hot spring areas to choose from. These hot springs are found in Okinobe, Higashi-Naruko, Naruko, Nakayamadaira and Kawatabi.

They say that the hot springs have healing powers and it is quite easy to understand why. The hot springs are rich with sulfur and many other minerals. The water also contains alkaline salts that are simply wonderful on the skin. If you want to experience better looking skin, perhaps a trip to Naruko is the answer to your prayers.

There are hundreds of other hot springs in Japan, but Naruko Miyagi also boasts another tourist-drawing sight. Naruko Miyagi looks absolutely stunning and picturesque in autumn and all because of the colors you can behold.

In autumn, the leaves of Naruko Miyagi trees turn golden and orange and make a fantastic sight. You will not want to forget your camera when you go there in autumn. They say the autumn leaves, “koyo” in Japanese, almost rival the fame of Naruko’s hot springs.

There are many photographic opportunities that Naruko Miyagi offers. A nature trek will allow you to cross bridges and get a good look at the strange yet interesting stones that have been shaped by a river. Look for a trek where you can get to see the Naruko Valley and enjoy gazing in awe at waterfalls and cliffs that are rather steep. You may even see a geyser.

For photographers who want to take as many pictures as they can of Naruko Miyagi, the valley can be a tricky place to shoot because of shadows and areas with too much sunlight.

Other places in Naruko Miyagi can give you the photographs you are looking for. The lake of Katanuma is said to change color depending on the sunlight. This crater lake will also look fantastic with the beautifully colored autumn leaves as a backdrop.

If you think that hot springs and leaves are all that Naruko Miyagi is famous for, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that it also holds claim as being the origin of Japan’s famous Kokeshi dolls.

Kokeshi dolls are cylindrically shaped wooden dolls that incorporate Japanese designs and are brightly colored. They can make an exquisite collection for those who have an eye for culturally influenced works of art, even if they are dolls.

The claim could be true since Naruko Miyagi is home to thousands of Kokeshi dolls found in the Japan Kokeshi Museum or the Nihon Kokeshi-kan.

You may be fortunate enough to even find crafters in Naruko Miyagi who will let you watch how they make these pretty little dolls.

Naruko Miyagi is a magical place for the right people and you may find a trip to the area a satisfying and fulfilling one.


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