Naughty Teacher: Yokoshima Naruko

If there ever was a very bad and naughty teacher, that would be YokoshimaNaruko.

There are many true stories these days of teachers who can be rather unconventional and sexual like YokoshimaNaruko, yet the series gives viewers some amusing and naughty entertainment. The series’ dark comedy and green jokes are made for more mature audiences and the content can be rather sexually significant.

In the Shonen Manga series, YokoshimaNaruko happens to be a female teacher who does not impress other teachers. In the anime version, YokoshimaNaruko still plays the same role, yet the series is even more entertaining.

The series’ title is “Seitokai Yakuindomo.” Written and illustrated by Tozen Ujiie, “Seitokai Yakuindomo” follows the adventures and misadventures of Takatoshi Tsuda who has recently enrolled at the Osai Academy. Takatoshi Tsuda is the main character of this series.

The Osai Academy used to be an all-girls school and could be a good reason why many of the female students are quite sexually preoccupied.

Some female students have some body issues, which is most likely not the case with the older YokoshimaNaruko.

The only reason why Takatoshi Tsuda chose to enroll there was the fact that it was closer to his home, unaware of the fact that he would be subjected to the sexual perversions of his teacher, YokoshimaNaruko and his female classmates.

Poor Takatoshi Tsuda is made to join the student council and holds the position of vice president. He has to deal with sexual innuendos and comments from his fellow students, Shimo Amakusa and Aria Shichijo.

What can be even more dreadful with his situation is that he also has to deal with older sexually preoccupied females.

YokoshimaNaruko is one such teacher, if you judge by her actions.

YokoshimaNaruko actively pursues the young male students of the school and is shamelessly perverted. She likes younger men and could be the epitome of a cougar.

What makes the part of Takatoshi Tsuda even more dreadful is that YokoshimaNaruko is the student council adviser. This is a rather doubtful role for YokoshimaNaruko considering the fact that other teachers find her absolutely useless in the field of education.

YokoshimaNaruko is also portrayed as very unreliable, which makes dealing with her quite a challenge for Takatoshi Tsuda.

If you are in for a lot of green jokes and sexual issues presented in the funniest manner, watch how Takatoshi Tsuda deals with sexually aggressive females like YokoshimaNaruko every single school day.

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