Who is KanaeNaruko?

So you want to know who KanaeNaruko is, do you? Well, since there isn’t much material online to help you get to know this anime character better, you can get some information from reading this article alone.

In what anime series can you find KanaeNaruko?

The answer is quite simple and all you need to know is our peculiar little anime character can be found in the anime series titled “Mayoi Neko Overrun!”

“Mayoi Neko Overrun!” is an amusing romantic story about a boy who is unaware of a girl’s feelings and a girl who beats him because of those particular feelings. Of course that is not the entire storyline. Each character plays a fun part, including KanaeNaruko.

The story revolves around a young character named Takumi Tsuduki. He is an orphan who is lovingly taken care of by a kind-hearted and adventurous woman named Otome. Otome runs a bake shop called “Stray Cats.”

A childhood friend who is in love with him is Fumino Serizawa, who is also bestfriends with KanaeNaruko. Fumino will never want to confess her crush or love for Takumi, but she has to bear constant teasing from KanaeNaruko who knows all about it.

Fumino can be a very violent girl and her first friends in the series are Takumi and KanaeNaruko. This is not strange since Takumi is generally a very nice guy while KanaeNaruko has a perverted way of viewing friendship.

Despite knowing how Fumino feels and how Fumino finds it challenging to handle her secret, KanaeNaruko still loves to make her uneasy with constant teasing. KanaeNaruko even gives Takumi her own little nickname and it’s “Takumicchi.”

The anime series is very entertaining since each character has peculiarities and personalities. Even with Takumi’s adoptive mother or sister, Otome, you can expect some unexpected kindness and selflessness with lots of hugging to her large breasts.

Fumino also likes to curse the object of her ire with two or ten thousand deaths. She also tends to beat up Takumi when they unexpectedly bump or touch each other.

On the other hand, a strange character is Nozomi Kiriya, who seems to look and sometimes act like a cat.

Another brief description of KanaeNaruko also happens to be her being the class representative in the anime characters’ high school. What makes her recognizable is her red or pinkish hair and her unexpected friendships with other female characters in the series.

You can find out more about KanaeNaruko by visiting anime sites and forums.

The best way you can get to know KanaeNaruko is to watch the anime series yourself!

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