Naruto and Naruko?

If you think Naruto is cute, then you will definitely find Naruko cuter!

Now, you may be wondering who Naruko is and why this character is being linked to the wildly popular character from the manga and anime series “Naruto.” Isn’t Naruto a boy ninja?

You can better understand who Naruko is after I’ve explained who Naruto is and the story of this amazingly naïve boy who dreams of being the leader of all the ninjas. We’ll get to the part about Naruko soon enough so keep reading.

If you like anime, then you’ve probably seen the yellow-haired young ninja somewhere. Well, he happens to be the main hero in an epic story that involves a lot of training, chis, ninjas and adventures of the fantastic kind. Did I forget to tell you that the manga series is the bestselling one to date?

If you love anime and have no clue as to who Naruto is, then you must have been living under a rock.

Naruto has one big dream and that is to become the Hokage. In the beginning of the anime series, this seems an unlikely goal since Naruto isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Yet Naruto has a sincere heart and an easy-going manner that makes him loveable despite his faults.

Enter Naruko, Naruto’s very sexy and charming No-Jutsu counterpart. Although everyone loves Naruto, many fans cannot help but worship this “new” character and have drawn many illustrations of Naruko that you can find all over the World Wide Web.

All ninjas must develop some technique and Naruto, ever the imp, developed his “Sexy Technique” to win over male opponents.

The “Sexy Technique” in Naruto’s ninja world is a transformation technique. What makes Naruto’s technique different is that he turns into Naruko!

If you have watched the series, you will recognize Naruko as the sexy and practically nude girl who also has yellow hair.

Naruto’s Naruko blows kisses while clad in swirling mists that cover her sensitive areas. The reaction of most male opponents is nosebleeding. Most find themselves hard-pressed to resist the clearly alluring charms of Naruko except for Killer B.

Naruto does not actually name his female counterpart, but fans have resorted to calling her “Naruko.” Pretty close to the original one’s name, don’t you think?

If you search the World Wide Web for Naruko, you will find hundreds of pictures and fan stories about her and you could come up with your own concept as well!

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