Getting to Know Naruko Anjou

What do we know about Naruko Anjou?

Not all anime lovers and enthusiasts are actually familiar with the character named Naruko Anjou, also known as “Anaru.”

Before we begin describing the personality of this anime character, let us go first to the physical specifics.

Naruko Anjou is an anime character with orange colored hair. Just like other anime characters, Naruko Anjou’s eyes match the color of her hair.

Naruko Anjou has shoulder length and wavy hair that is often seen tied in pigtails with hairclips.

Naruko Anjou is a teenage character and according to some anime sources, she has a height of five feet and five inches and weighs about 116 pounds.

Naruko Anjou is a character in the anime series “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.” The title is a long one and translates in English to “We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw that Day.”

If you think the title is rather long, then you can settle for “AnoHana.”

Naruko Anjou is a female character who happens to be part of an old group of six other friends composed of other characters named Jinta Yadomi, Meiko Honma, Atsumi Matsuyuki, Chiriko Tsurumi and Tetsudo Hisakawa.

These childhood friends end up parting ways and moving on with their individual lives after the death of Meiko Honma or Menma for short.

One of the series’ main character, Jinta Yadomi, or Jintan for short, is affected by the death of his friend and mother. He is later approached by the ghost of Menma who asks him to help her fulfill a wish that she cannot remember so that she can move on to the next life.

The only solution that Jinta sees to this problem is to reunite old friends, including Naruko Anjou, who seems to be rather cold towards Jinta.

Naruko Anjou starts reconnecting with Jinta and Testudo or Poppo because of her big collection of video games and manga.

Although Naruko Anjou seems cold towards Jinta, she harbors feelings for him and is deeply concerned about her childhood friends as well. She enjoys a level of popularity in school, although Chiriko Tsurumi disapproves of Naruko’s friends who seem rather slutty to Chiriko.

The series may veer from the usual anime stories we are used to, but it is worth watching still. By reuniting old friends can Jinta only figure out what wish needed to be fulfilled.

You can observe how Naruko Anjou deals with the present times and her feelings for Jinta by watching the series today.

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