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What do you know of the Naruko anime character? If you are a fan of Manga, the Japanese version of comic books, then you are familiar with the series entitled “Mayoi Neko Overrun!”

The Naruko anime character is based on this manga series and is a quirky character as well.

“Mayoi Neko” in English means “stray cats.” The characters all come together like stray cats, even if they are the strangest cats put together. The Naruko anime character fits well with the main heroine’s abrasive character and they are the best of friends.

This manga series was first aired in anime in 2010 and there are main roles played by Takumi Tsuduki, Fukumi Serizawa, Nozomi Kiriya and Chise Umenomori. Other side roles are played as well by Otome Tsuzuki, Ieyasu Kikuchi, Daigoro Koya, Kaho Chikumaen, Sato and Suzuki, Tamao Fujino, Kokoro Towano and Kanae Naruko. Kanae Naruko or the Naruko anime character figures in a lot since she plays the role of Fukumi’s bestfriend.

There are many interesting characters besides the Naruko anime one. Each anime character, as is often with most anime series, has his or her own idiosyncrasies and amusing antics. A perfect example is Nozomi Kiriya.

The story centers on Takumi Tsuduki, an orphan who is unexpectedly found in a tatami mat. He was taken in by Otome, who found him after he ran away from the orphanage.

In the story, another young friend named Fumino Serizawa, who has been with Takumi since their orphanage days, works at the stray cat patisserie that belongs to Takumi’s adoptive mother or sister, Otome.

Fumino’s anime character is a rather peculiar one since what she says is actually opposite to what she means. Fumino has feelings for Takumi and it is the side Naruko anime character who is aware of this.

The series’ Naruko anime character likes to constantly tease Fumino about her crush on Takumi. Takumi is unaware of any attraction felt for him by girls and is also inexplicably unaware of Fumino’s feelings.

In this romantic comedy genre, the Naruko anime character is pretty much a side character. The Naruko manga character is still quite close to the Naruko anime character and well illustrated as well.

Our Naruko anime character also happens to be the class representative and is rather peculiar in her own way. The Naruko anime character tends to stand out because of her personality and relationships with other characters.

We can understand our Naruko anime character by knowing more about the other main characters, especially Fumino.

Fumino’s anime character traits are often influenced by her feelings towards Takumi and she finds it difficult to confess the truth to him. Despite constant teasing from her bestfriend, our Naruko anime character, she manages to hide what she feels. However, she can get very jealous and gets in the way of other girls’ plans of trying to spend time with Takumi.

The Fumino anime character is a tricky one to understand since she is a ball of contradictions. She did confess in panic to Takumi. However, it was such a garbled message that said she both loved and hated him.

The Naruko anime character is rather peculiar or strange, as mentioned before, since this girl has a perverted view regarding friendship. Fumino has such a rough attitude that her initial friends were only Takumi and Naruko.

The Naruko anime version has hair described as red, although it looks more like pink. Our Naruko character belongs to the same high school as the rest of the gang.

The Naruko anime character is also good friends with Tamao Fujino, a female character in the series who has long black hair and is described as beautiful.

Most of the Mayai Neko Overrun female characters dress the same. The series’ Fumino, Nozomi, Chise, Naruko anime classmates dress in the school uniform composed of a short red skirt and a white blouse with a little red ribbon.

The different anime characters, including the Naruko anime character, are like stray animals themselves. Their personalities are very distinct, ranging from very nice to volatile at times. However, their bond seems like an unbreakable one. Even when the Naruko anime character has her perversions, she maintains a good relationship with the heroine and with other side characters.

It is difficult to find detailed information on the Naruko anime character on the World Wide Web. Most of the information on the Naruko manga character are the same and simply reposted from one source.

The best way you can learn about the Naruko anime character is to watch the anime series. Finding the anime series will be easier in Japan and in other Asian countries. English versions are available, although the voices are not dubbed and foreign viewers rely mostly on English subtitles.

The Naruko anime character may only be a simpler side character or role, but the anime series roster of anime characters combined make one amusing and endearing show.

You can get to know the Naruko anime character better by watching the series. Each anime character’s personality often clashes with other characters’, making the show an entertaining love story.

All the anime characters of Mayoi Neko Overrun!, including the perverse Naruko character can be endearing. Our good Naruko anime friend even calls the main hero “Takumicchi!”

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