Niu Er, Not Just About Skincare

Niuer – a name that sounds just like a brand all by itself. Why not when the name belongs to Taiwan’s foremost beauty expert and skin guru, Niuer? Being a household name that is just as popular as other internationally known brands like Sony and Apple, Taiwan’s “Beauty King” has taken the beauty and skincare industry by storm.

Niuer, the person behind the Naruko brand, has worked for years to develop and perfect skincare products that are highly effective and manufactured adhering to the highest standards. So devoted is he to quality control that each new product must be checked by him and tweaked until he is satisfied that it meets his own stringent standards.

Niuer goes as far as testing the product on himself to observe any allergic or negative reactions to ensure the safety of the product on other users. Each product is repeatedly tested before the end product is even presented to Niuer.

Niuer believes that the contents of his skincare products should be carefully picked and formulated to be effective and have a higher rate of success. He has chosen to use natural ingredients such as plant extracts that have proven their mettle in the beauty and skincare industry.

So professional and strict is Niuer that he does not allow the use of artificial coloring, artificial fragrance and parabens in his products to make sure that his beauty and skincare lines can be used even by people with more sensitive skin types.

The skincare products of Niuer, besides being well-formulated, are manufactured using the latest technology and equipment. Niuer stays true to his aim of delivering to the world products that are safe for his clients and can meet their beauty demands.

In fact, Niuer has a long list of achievements that can rival any big name company’s.

In 2002, Niuer released a facial slimming product that was recognized as the first of its kind. Three years later, he released a line of beauty products called “Night Gelly” which earned more than 20 million US dollars. Because of this success, Niuer gained another title, which was “Gelly King.”

Not one to sit on his laurels, Niuer recently produced a new “gelly” product that works for the eyes. This was in 2010. In the same year, he also changed his packaging to make them more eco-friendly.

Niuer is not all about making it big in the beauty industry. He aims to leave behind a legacy of the knowledge he has gained while putting heart into all his efforts. He has written books that have since become bestsellers and one of them stayed on the top 100 bestseller’s list for five straight years.

Beauty is not only skin deep. Niuer has worked for charity by producing a charity product and he has donated to charity the proceeds from sales of his amazing beauty and skincare products.

Devoted to achieving a strong reputation for real skincare, Niuer devotes countless hours and travel time to researching and studying the latest ingredients that can be used to care for skin and improve skin problems.

Niuer’s fascination for aromatherapy and plants has spurred him to research about scents and translate “The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy” into Chinese to share the knowledge.

Niuer has even travelled to France to study scents and in 2009, he established his own lab for essential oils there. Amazingly, Niuer also has a talent for fragrances and has been highly praised for it. Here is a real example of what one person can achieve through passion, dedication and hard work.

Niuer built a beauty brand that now has reputation of being surprisingly affordable despite being formulated with expensive and highly selected ingredients.

All over the World Wide Web, you will find articles that discuss the different and fantastic products of Niuer under the skincare brand, Naruko. There are video blogs or reviews that discuss in detail the variety of skincare lines and products that are under the Naruko brand.

It is a fact that Niuer’s success story and his beauty brand’s popularity are well known among skincare aficionados all over the world.

Now that you know more about Niuer, the man behind Naruko, you have more reason to try out the labor of his hard-earned knowledge and love today.



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