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    The Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid Skincare line produced by Naruko sounds too good to be true, but it really is a fantastic skincare line that you need to know about. If you have not heard of it yet and want beautiful and fair skin, then it is time you did a little research. This article will discuss why the Naruko Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid Skincare line will work wonders for you and your skin.
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  • Naruko Anjou

    Not all anime lovers and enthusiasts are actually familiar with the character named Naruko Anjou, also known as “Anaru.” Before we begin describing the personality of this anime character, let us go first to the physical specifics. Naruko Anjou is an anime character with orange colored hair. Just like other anime characters, Naruko Anjou’s eyes match the color of her hair. Naruko Anjou has shoulder length and wavy hair that is often seen tied in pigtails with hairclips.
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  • NarukoKazangun

    NarukoKazangun may not be as popular as Mount Fuji, but it still warrants your attention. Once you know a little more about this particular volcano, you may have a good idea why Naruko is such a popular town. Japan is home to many, many volcanoes and NarukoKazangun is just one of them. However, NarukoKazangun is a stratovolcano and is found in Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture. Stratovolcanos are the best looking volcanoes, but they can also be the most dangerous.
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Looking into articles that have reviewed each and every Naruko skincare product, you will find women who are raving about how effective this skincare brand was in helping them with a wide range of skincare concerns and issues.

Women throughout the world say that Naruko products have helped them get rid of pimples, have clearer skin, achieve a smoother looking skin, get rid of fine lines and improve the overall look of their skin for any season.

In battling pore clogging, the Naruko Tea Tree Acne Clay Cleanser has proven to be effective in exfoliating the skin. It acts like a gel mask and deeply cleanses at night. This Naruko cleanser can be used in the morning as well. Some women use this skincare product only at night so the choice is there.

The special formulation of this Naruko product contains glycolic acid and other ingredients that deeply cleanse and even tighten pores. Only a small amount is needed, which means the product can be used for a longer period of time leaving a woman with more radiant looking skin. Without spending a lot, a woman can start looking better and continue to do so for months.

Another great feature that Naruko skincare products have is the cool effect they have on the skin as observed with the use of the Naruko clay cleanser. The inclusion of peppermint takes care of that.

For those who would like to use a moisturizer that controls facial oil, the Naruko Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer works wonders by calming pores down so they do not produce too much oil.

For women who want glowing skin, the Naruko Tea Tree Sebum Control Night Jelly works by repairing the skin and controlling oil production at night.

Need a pimple and blackhead quick fix? The Naruko Tea Tree T-Zone Blackhead Remover can help you get rid of any potential problem overnight. Just dab a dot and you will be blemish-free the rest of the week.

The Naruko skincare line was developed and produced so that people can enjoy smooth and glowing skin throughout the world. The Naruko products can benefit not just Asian skin, but all kinds of skin. From oily skin to dry skin, Naruko has exactly what you are looking for.

The Naruko Job’s Tears Whitening and Cooling Night Jelly is perfect for the eyes.

Most of the Naruko skincare products are jelly-based so that they are compatible with all skin types.

If you want a whole beauty regimen that is complete, the suggestion is to purchase a whole Naruko skincare set that has everything you need. Any woman can find sets that strategically combine specific products together to achieve goals such as treating oily skin or fighting skin aging.

The only downside to purchasing these products is that it can be challenging to find them outside Asian countries. They can be found online at various websites that are approved by Niu Er.

Naruko Skincare Ingredients

Like other skincare products, Naruko products have a special formula and a specially patented ingredient. This ingredient works by enhancing the skin’s natural ability to defend itself. There are about 11 plant extracts contained in Naruko products that work in different ways.

One of Naruko’s best ingredients is Phytoferulin. Phytoferulin in the Naruko skincare line functions as a protector of the skin against harmful environmental elements, strengthens the skin and revitalizes as well.

Naruko products that help hydrate skin contain Tremella Fuciformis Berk.

Mentioned before is Glycolic acid. This acid is an important ingredient in Naruko products because it helps remove dead skin cells faster, unclogs the pores and helps even out rough skin.

Plant extracts make Naruko skincare products even more effective in taking care of skin. One of the plant extracts found in most Naruko products is green tea. Green tea extract is a well-known antioxidant that has been used for skincare products for many years.

Edelweiss is also another plant extract that is an antioxidant found in the Naruko skincare line.

Other familiar extracts found in Naruko products are Gingko Biloba and Chamomile. Gingko Biloba has always been used to improve the circulation of the blood while Chamomile has qualities that soothe and calm the body and skin.

Since Naruko products help solve skin problems and aim to improve everyone’s skin, there are certain plant extracts included and formulated into different Naruko skincare line products to target specific problems.

Acne is an inflammatory problem that millions of people all over the world suffer from. For those with acne problems, they will find Naruko skincare products that are formulated with Calendula Officinalis. This plant extract is also an antiseptic, helping cleanse the skin.

Liquorice extract are not only found in Naruko products but in other skincare products as well. Liquorice can be found in plants native to Europe and Asia and is used to get rid of toxins in the body. What is very special about this ingredient in Naruko products is its properties for whitening and brightening skin.

Another ingredient that works wonders by working from inside is Echinacea Golden Seal Root extract. This plant extract,

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If you have always wanted radiant and beautiful skin without the guilt of spending a fortune, then your best bet will be Naruko skincare products.

There are many other skincare products out there that promise you smooth and flawless skin, but nothing can beat what Naruko skincare products can offer you. These skincare products are not only extremely affordable, they are also formulated with the most natural ingredients handpicked from nature’s finest.

Naruko skincare is all about sincerity. The efforts to help you achieve your best skin ever is sincere as well as never compromising values regarding the environment in doing so. Why do we say this? Because Naruko skincare products are not tested on animals and you can still benefit from the high quality that all other skincare products around the world offer at the same time knowing that you did not contribute to animal cruelty. You can be beautiful and have a clear conscience at the same time.

Another quality you will love about the Naruko brand is that it cares about the environment. Naruko skincare products come in an environmentally-friendly package. The boxes are designed to be simple and elegant on the outside, but once you open up the box, you will be surprised by the delightful flower print inside. You can re-fold your box and turn it into a reusable product for your home.

There is definitely a beauty philosophy that Naruko skincare abides by and you can be a part of that as well.

If the box can become fabulous, then so can you with each Naruko skincare product and line. The ingredients, as mentioned before, are expertly formulated and are free of other elements that can affect more sensitive skin. They are free of anything artificial such as coloring and fragrance. Naruko skincare beauty products are also free of parabens.

That is why Naruko skincare can be trusted by you as you care for and dote on your skin. You can pamper and take good care of your skin without risking a big investment. A Naruko skincare product can cost less than 15 US dollars and a little beauty tube can last you a few months.

What makes Naruko skincare an effective brand is the presence of a special ingredient called “PhytoFerulin.” This ingredient, combined with plant extracts, boost the skin’s natural defenses. The plant extracts work best as antioxidants and are also effective in moisturizing skin while controlling oil excretions.

It is easy to see why the Naruko skincare brand is widely popular in Asia and in other parts of the world. Although bigger name brands have a stronger monopoly, the Naruko skincare brand is carving out its own little niche in the global skincare market.

Naruko skincare has specific lines that deal with specific skin concerns. The tea tree line is an excellent example of gentle yet effective Naruko skincare. Tea tree is often used to treat acne problems and women are raving about the Naruko Niaouli and Tea Tree Acne Clay Cleanser.

This clay cleanser from the Naruko skincare line exfoliates while it cleanses the skin deeply. The addition of an ingredient, Piroctone Olamine, is done for antiseptic purposes. A small amount can be used by lathering it on the face. Women often say they feel refreshed after using the product.

The Tea Tree Naruko skincare line works well at cleaning pores and tightening them while diminishing the appearance of facial scars. The Naruko skincare products in this line also control sebum and hasten the removal of dead skin cells. Women who have used this product say that their facial skins also feel much smoother after regular use.

Other Naruko skincare lines that target other skin issues are the Magnolia Brightening and Firming skincare line – the latest one – and the Narcissus Total Defense Line. These Naruko skincare lines are effective in protecting the skin from harsh elements that skin is exposed to every day. The ingredients are also great in revitalizing the skin.

These Naruko skincare lines also contain PhytoFerulin, Kojic Acid, botanical oils complex, Tripeptide and other extracts that work perfectly together.

Using products from these Naruko skincare lines promises younger looking skin that glows and women love looking quite radiant.

Naruko skincare also has its whitening line that works at making skin look fairer and cooling it at the same time.

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What do you know of the Naruko anime character? If you are a fan of Manga, the Japanese version of comic books, then you are familiar with the series entitled “Mayoi Neko Overrun!”

The Naruko anime character is based on this manga series and is a quirky character as well.

“Mayoi Neko” in English means “stray cats.” The characters all come together like stray cats, even if they are the strangest cats put together. The Naruko anime character fits well with the main heroine’s abrasive character and they are the best of friends.

This manga series was first aired in anime in 2010 and there are main roles played by Takumi Tsuduki, Fukumi Serizawa, Nozomi Kiriya and Chise Umenomori. Other side roles are played as well by Otome Tsuzuki, Ieyasu Kikuchi, Daigoro Koya, Kaho Chikumaen, Sato and Suzuki, Tamao Fujino, Kokoro Towano and Kanae Naruko. Kanae Naruko or the Naruko anime character figures in a lot since she plays the role of Fukumi’s bestfriend.

There are many interesting characters besides the Naruko anime one. Each anime character, as is often with most anime series, has his or her own idiosyncrasies and amusing antics. A perfect example is Nozomi Kiriya.

The story centers on Takumi Tsuduki, an orphan who is unexpectedly found in a tatami mat. He was taken in by Otome, who found him after he ran away from the orphanage.

In the story, another young friend named Fumino Serizawa, who has been with Takumi since their orphanage days, works at the stray cat patisserie that belongs to Takumi’s adoptive mother or sister, Otome.

Fumino’s anime character is a rather peculiar one since what she says is actually opposite to what she means. Fumino has feelings for Takumi and it is the side Naruko anime character who is aware of this.

The series’ Naruko anime character likes to constantly tease Fumino about her crush on Takumi. Takumi is unaware of any attraction felt for him by girls and is also inexplicably unaware of Fumino’s feelings.

In this romantic comedy genre, the Naruko anime character is pretty much a side character. The Naruko manga character is still quite close to the Naruko anime character and well illustrated as well.

Our Naruko anime character also happens to be the class representative and is rather peculiar in her own way. The Naruko anime character tends to stand out because of her personality and relationships with other characters.

We can understand our Naruko anime character by knowing more about the other main characters, especially Fumino.

Fumino’s anime character traits are often influenced by her feelings towards Takumi and she finds it difficult to confess the truth to him. Despite constant teasing from her bestfriend, our Naruko anime character, she manages to hide what she feels. However, she can get very jealous and gets in the way of other girls’ plans of trying to spend time with Takumi.

The Fumino anime character is a tricky one to understand since she is a ball of contradictions. She did confess in panic to Takumi. However, it was such a garbled message that said she both loved and hated him.

The Naruko anime character is rather peculiar or strange, as mentioned before, since this girl has a perverted view regarding friendship. Fumino has such a rough attitude that her initial friends were only Takumi and Naruko.

The Naruko anime version has hair described as red, although it looks more like pink. Our Naruko character belongs to the same high school as the rest of the gang.

The Naruko anime character is also good friends with Tamao Fujino, a female character in the series who has long black hair and is described as beautiful.

Most of the Mayai Neko Overrun female characters dress the same. The series’ Fumino, Nozomi, Chise, Naruko anime classmates dress in the school uniform composed of a short red skirt and a white blouse with a little red ribbon.

The different anime characters, including the Naruko anime character, are like stray animals themselves. Their personalities are very distinct, ranging from very nice to volatile at times. However, their bond seems like an unbreakable one. Even when the Naruko anime character has her perversions, she maintains a good relationship with the heroine and with other side characters.

It is difficult to find detailed information on the Naruko anime character on the World Wide Web. Most of the information on the Naruko manga character are the same and simply reposted from one source.

The best way you can learn about the Naruko anime character is to watch the anime series. Finding the anime series will be easier in Japan and in other Asian countries. English versions are available, although the voices are not dubbed and foreign viewers rely mostly on English subtitles.

The Naruko anime character may only be a simpler side character or role, but the anime series roster of anime characters combined make one amusing and endearing show.

You can get to know the Naruko anime character better by watching the series. Each anime character’s personality often clashes with other characters’, making the show an entertaining love story.

All the anime characters of Mayoi Neko Overrun!, including the perverse Naruko character can be endearing. Our good Naruko anime friend even calls the main hero “Takumicchi!”

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Naruko may not sound that familiar to you, but it does to the traveler who loves to visit quaint towns for a good reason. This town may sound like a rustic one, but it has much to offer to those who take the time to visit it.

Naruko is a town located in Japan and in the Kurikoma Quasi-Natural Park. It has since been merged with other towns to create one city, which is called Osaki.

Like other places in Japan, Naruko holds its own appeal and natural charm. Tourists are fond of visiting the place specifically to enjoy the wonderful hot spring baths or “onsen.”

Hot springs always draw local and international tourists because of the popular belief that soaking in one has its therapeutic benefits. This is not entirely untrue since the high water temperature makes it possible for the water to contain minerals.

Many rehabilitation centers are located near areas with hot springs and there can be no denying the relief that hot springs bring to the body.

There are many other hot springs all over the world as there are in Naruko. Japan is home to hundreds of hot springs and Naruko offers extra yet still grand sights as well.

The area is known as a volcano-active area and the Naruko Hot Spring Villages is composed of five smaller ones: East Naruko, Naruko, Kawatabi, Nakayamadaira and Onikobe.

The hot springs of Naruko contain many beneficial minerals as well as sulfur. A good soak in sulfuric water can help people relieve arteries that have hardened.

Also found in the hot springs of Naruko are alkaline salts that are often used to treat skin problems like atopic dermatitis and even psoriasis.

After a long soak in a hot bath filled with sulfuric water, you will notice how much smoother your skin feels. The heat and the minerals work well together to release skin impurities.

A trip to Naruko will definitely not be complete without a visit to its famous hot springs.

Japanese men, women and children have enjoyed the hot springs of Naruko for almost a thousand years. The hot springs still exist and still draw tourists from most of Japan and from other places around the world.

They say that the Naruko hot springs have curative qualities and so many flock there for a dip and for some sightseeing.

This brings us to another good reason why people visit Naruko. If you are a true lover of nature, you will be able to appreciate the beauty that this town offers, besides its hot springs.

Naruko is an ideal place for long walks, but there are also taxis and buses that you can take if a long walk is not possible. You can take a stroll at the Naruko Tropical Botanical Gardens or even join a nature trek that allows you to have a view of a geyser at Jigokudani.

Naruko is also beautiful during the fall season because of the color of the leaves of the trees. The “koyo” or leaves create a beautiful photo opportunity for those who love to travel and take photographs.

Imagine viewing a mountain of color with golden and orange leaves and you will easily understand why many people recommend Naruko as a place to visit during the fall season.

Another one of the scenic areas in Naruko is found at the Naruko Valley. At this valley, there is a ravine close to River Oya-gawa. The river had cut its way as it flowed through creating rocks in fantastical shapes and cliffs with sheer drops.

There are commercialized nature treks in Naruko that you can join and you get to walk through the ravine where you can enjoy views of waterfalls while crossing different bridges.

If heights and nature’s shaping do not appeal to you as much as other scenic views, you can prepare to be amazed by Lake Katanuma. This lake was formed from a crater and will change color depending on the sunlight it gets. The lake can be quite a stunning view by itself, but if you combine it with the fall leaves, it will look absolutely fantastic.

Winter season is still a good time to visit Naruko, especially when you love to ski. The Okinobe Ski Resort can take care of your skiing and other winter sports for you if you wish to spend the year-end holiday season there. There are other ski resorts there as well.

Naruko also makes a claim as being the origin of the “kokeshi.” A “kokeshi” is a wooden doll that is cylindrical in shape. The doll is an emblem of the Tohoku and is quite a charming one. The dolls have Japanese design elements and you will be mesmerized by how lovely each one is.

Naruko makes a great home for these dolls and it can be a challenge to find one for yourself as you walk up and down the streets. If you are lucky, you can watch how each one is made.

If you would like to gaze at more of these wooden dolls, you will find exquisite ones at the Japan Kokeshi Center Museum, which is also in Naruko. You will find that a visit to the museum is worth your time as the dolls have bright colors and delicate features.

Naruko also sells a lot of lacquer-painted wares, or “shikki,” since the place has been the center of lacquer production for more than 300 years. You will have an interesting time shopping around for affordable lacquer-painted and traditional utensils. Naruko also has quality lacquer goods as well.

Naruko has much to offer any tourist and a trip to this part of Japan will be a relaxing one. Whether you want to look at the sights or simply have a go at the hot springs, you will find yourself having one refreshing trip. You will feel a lot more rejuvenated, especially when Naruko is such a serene place.

Naruko offers its mountains, lakes and trees to those who would like to find nature at its best during any season.


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